January Update

Greetings, visitors, to Steve MacDonald’s blog.

It’s January, which for many of us often means both reflection and looking ahead.

I’m really looking forward to working on some of these projects we’ve got on the go; said projects and the people involved, given some consideration, are rather inspiring!

The matters of yesteryear are not yet settled for me, but there’s still hope. Something I’m likely on the verge of changing, is that this constant backlog of work is going to finally be lifted. Also, it looks like I’ll be financially sound and in the clear, 2021.

I’ve kind of been operating my software business for many years prior, but it’s been more real since registering, back in early 2016. I can hardly believe that it’s been 5 years.

There are a number of beloved friends whom I’d love to reconnect with, sooner than later. Family, likewise, seems to be at the forefront of my thoughts.

I’ve been rebooting certain aspects of my life, most recently; I aspire to do more studying, more research, more writing, more teaching, more music, more connecting with inspirational people, spending more time outdoors, while continuing to pratice well being and enriching others whenever possible. More creativity, to greater effect.

It’s been a most difficult past year; there is great sadness in my heart, and great anger at those who would rather tear others down with prejudice rather than consider building others up, but it has not destroyed me. I hurt badly, but I endure with the solid grounding of my own creation and the loving support of friends and family.

If you’d care to drop a line, here in the comments section or via email, please feel welcome to do so; I hope that we can converse a bit.

Christmas Time 2020

Becky & I spent the Christmas season in Halifax, mostly between our Agricola & Black street apartments.

Christmas Eve was a sunny 10 degrees; a nice day to retrofit some skis and plenty warm for a bicycle ride over to Dartmouth. The night was also mild; a good opportunity for some Christmas light sight seeing.

We very much enjoyed the tree, the presents, and the warm cheer thinking of family & friends.

Biking around on Christmas Eve, we happened across this circus show of a Christmas light display! Becky took a couple of videos on her phone; we were not expecting such a display!

We really want to share with you, some of our happy times. We wish you all a Merry Christmas, along with Peace & Wellness in the coming New Year.